Broken C Rabbitry

Last updated: 05/20/16

We no longer have rabbits! Try Velvet Touch rabbitry in Portland!

A.R.B.A Registered Rabbitry in Eugene, Oregon!

A.R.B.A #D3896

At Broken C Rabbitry we do our best to breed good personality, health and overall balance into our rabbits.  The name of our rabbitry comes from my first rabbit Bella, she was a Broken Castor Mini Rex. Broken 'C' stands for Broken Castor. 

We are proud members of the; 

Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, 

Mini Lop club of American, 

America Rabbit Breeders Association. 

Rabbits for sale in Eugene Oregon;

Mini Lops for sale

Californians for sale

  • St. Helens show 2014
    St. Helens show 2014
  • Our new hand-drawn logo!
    Our new hand-drawn logo!

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