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Starting the New Year 01/06/15

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 8:35 PM


    Time to start the year with a BANG! With the national ARBA Convention here and gone, rabbit shows starting soon I sit here and think of what a great year it has been. This year at nationals I was amazed when my Mini Lops placed in the top ten areas, knowing that all the hard work is really paying off. I am already planning breeding’s of Mini Lops and Californians for the coming nationals the end of 2015.

    My rabbitry is successfully getting bigger, of course it is all thanks to the rabbits and the wonderful breeders that helped me get started in the great hobby. It really is a lot of fun! From cleaning cages all the way to rabbit shows.

    I am going to try and start this "blog" thing. My plan is to write about rabbit like events and shows that are attended. This will also help me keep a record of what happens, when and how! Well... For the most part at least. Guess what??? We now have a youtube channel! Check it out to see videos of the awesome rabbitry, Mini Lops, and Californians. You should also follow our rabbitry page on facebook!

Best wishes with the new year! I hope it is spectacular for you! 


Broken C Rabbitry

Show Quality Mini Lop and Californian Rabbits in Eugene, Oregon


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