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Ahh. Another show here and gone!

Posted on February 7, 2015 at 11:30 PM


    You know that feeling when it's the weekend after a show and you look back and think "my rabbits are awesome". Yeah, that's the bunny spirit in you! Or if you don't show rabbits you could just be thinking how awesome they are when they jump around all cute, learn tricks or just being a rabbit. Anyways, this past weekend I was at a rabbt show, St. Helens to be exact. It was great to see all my bunny friends! Although, some were missing... Including Sarah at TSC Rabbitry. But she'll come eventually. My rabbits did great, took home a best of breed and best opposite in Californians, for Mini Lops I got Best Jr. buck, Best Jr. doe (almost BOV!) and Best runner up for Sr. bucks.

    I started a website and facebook page for my miniature Australian Shepherds and Miniature Nubians. Its currently but I think it will be changing soon.

    Lots of JR Mini Lops coming up and and a litter of Californians in the nest box. This year keeps getting better and better! We did have a sad loss in the rabbitry, Rosie ended up passing away. She was with a 3.5 week old litter but they are doing just fine. :( It's always sad to hold rabbits on their last breaths, or any animals for that matter. But I am happy to say her litter is great! And they have a awesome sire so my fingers are crossed they will hit the show tables running! 

It is now time to prepare for the California State convention in Turlock! I may only be showing two Mini Lops, but rabbit shows are to fun to pass up!


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