Broken C Rabbitry

Last updated: 05/20/16

Mini Lops at Broken C Rabbitry

Here are Broken C Rabbitry's beloved Mini Lops! Here our Mini Lops are house in 24" x 30" - 30" x 30" cages. Our mother Mini Lops with litters have lots of room in 30" x 36". Each rabbit has a special spot in my program. At my first show back in Oregon, October of 2012, I saw my first Mini Lop bred to the A.R.B.A. standard. As I watched the judging pursue I decided that was one breed I wanted to do. After awhile I started my search to find local breeders, the warm invite I got from local breeders to join in the Mini Lop breed was very helpful and set me on the right track. I got my first Mini Lop in December of 2013, in love with floppy ears, sweet personality and perfect size I knew it was the breed for me. Since then we have now been to shows all over Oregon and even to nationals in Fort Worth Texas! 

Check out our Mini Lops for sale in Eugene Oregon!

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