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Last updated: 05/20/16

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I got permission from another rabbitry to use their policy. My policy is slightly different then their policy at this time.  

~ Price is subject to change according to the development of rabbits less than 12 weeks of age.
~ Prices are listed in American dollars
~ I will only hold rabbits with 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, the deposit will go towards the price of the rabbit, but if you change your mind and don't want the rabbits you lose your deposit.
~ All rabbits on hold MUST be paid for in full within 2 weeks following the date of deposit unless otherwise agreed.
~ If the balance of payment has not been received or I have not heard from you by this time, the rabbit or rabbits will be re-listed for sale or go to someone on our waiting list and you will lose your deposit.

~Broken C Rabbitry reserves the right to refuse/decline a sale.

~ All rabbits that have been paid for but are not being held must be picked up or arrangements made within one week of agreed upon release date.
~ Rabbits that are held longer than 7 days following the agreed upon release date will be charged $2 per a day care fee(includes: feeding,cleaning,housing and the care of the rabbit) until the rabbit has been picked up. Unless prior arrangements have been made.
~ Rabbits that have not been picked up or alternate arrangements made within two weeks following scheduled release date will be re-listed for sale and all payments made will be NON REFUNDABLE.
~ All rabbits sold on a first come first serve basis.
~ I can not guarantee that rabbits bought for breeding will produce offspring.
~ Breeding stock are rabbits that are not quite up to show quality, because of nicks/tears in ears, broken toes, faults in color ect..
Rabbits listed as Pending: waiting one week for a deposit to hold.
Rabbits listed as Holding: deposit has been received, and arrangements for pick-up are made.
Rabbits listed as Sold: paid for and waiting to go to new home
Rabbits listed as Keeping: I will be keeping them and they will not be available for sale.

Please inquire to be put on a list for a pet. If you are looking for a certain sex, color or age please add that in your email or message. 
Most will be around eight to twelve weeks old when we know, but depends on litter. If for some reason you need to return your pet to Broken C Rabbitry we may take it back with no refund. We have the first right to refuse a return under any circumstance. 
Health Guarantee
If your new rabbit is being transported to you by another person, I will not be responsible if the rabbit becomes sick, because I will not know how the rabbit was handled in their care or what the rabbit was exposed to.
Broken C Rabbitry will guarantee the health of any rabbit for up to 7 days after the rabbit leaves my barn and was delivered to you by me. If for some reason the rabbits becomes sick during this time and it is not due to stress from adjustment time, being over handled, over fed, mistreated, kept in extreme temperatures or has suffered an injury caused by other pets, young children, been fed something not recommended in a rabbits diet, ect... then I will do my best to get you a replacement rabbit as soon as one is available. Broken C Rabbitry only guarantees the rabbit and therefore will only replace the rabbit, there is no refund. Any other fees are at the buyers expense. Please notify me as soon as the rabbit becomes ill or shows signs of being sick, not after the rabbit has died. If I am notified after the rabbit has died I will not replace the rabbit.

Check out Rabbits For Sale  or go to the NestBox/Breedings page to see what we have available!

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