Broken C Rabbitry

Last updated: 05/20/16

What I do to keep my rabbits healthy?:

I worm my rabbits with Invermectin apple flavored horse wormer paste works well. I found it while reading the SL website and gave it a try. A pea size of the paste and put it into a slice of the rabbits favorite treat that is flat. A banan slice will do the trick, u every six months... Paste around where I live is more common to find.  DO NOT worm pregnant does, I prefer not to worm anything under 6-7 months.


Everyday or every other day my rabbits get a treat of some kind. I try to switch it up daily. Also a slice of orange once a week. My rabbits get fruit tree clippings once a week. I leave the leaves on and add extra if there isn't much on there. This makes for lots of hippy hoppy fun!


Romaine lettuce (do not feed other brands, not for really young rabbits), whole carrots with their tops, celery and cucumbers (leaves to!). For celery and cucumbers I only give 1-1.1/2 slices because its a watery veggie, bananas and kale to name some. I


Apples, blackberries, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, Asian pears and bananas.


I give my rabbits hay in the morning. One handful per rabbit, I feed good quality hay. Including: Valley Orchard and grass hay, they also LOVE timothy.  I also put a board or two or even a easy mat for them to also rest on.


I am currently feeding Nutrena 18% show rabbit pellets and\or Purina show rabbit pellets. I buy the 50 pound bags of feed of Nutrena from our local Coastal. 


Mini Lops & Californians are in 2' x 3' wire cages. All three breeds also LOVE boxes to play and hide in! Just make sure there is not any tape, glue or staples(I have been able to fold the boxes). Those are usually the only things that hold them together but you can fold a box so none is needed to keep your rabbit safe. They also love cat balls to throw around, and hanging bells to ding! Toys are a great joy to a rabbit, I try to keep some with each of my rabbits.

Even though rabbits are cold weather animals, on super cold night I will supply hay for them to nest in and keep themselves warm. Usually in a box so all the hay stays together, this will also help with waste.

In the Summer the trick is to stay cool! Frozen water bottles, lots of fans. You can also spritz the outside of your rabbits ears if he/she gets to hot. 

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